Surface-Mounted Restraint

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Kelly Surface-Mounted Restraint

Surface-Mounted Wheel Restraint

Secure vehicles with our simple, effective, automatic Surface-Mounted Wheel Restraint. Being mounted above ground allows it to operate under the most extreme weather conditions. Because of its revolutionary design, our wheel chock doesn’t impede lift gate operation or interfere with the landing gear on pup vehicles.

With maintenance-free, self-lubricated guide bearings and no mechanical drive components to wear out, it is simple to maintain, too. It also acts as a guide rail for the reversing vehicle, limiting damage to the seal or shelter.

Design Highlights

  • Push-button Control
  • Programmable Controller
  • Surface Mount Design
  • Integral Truck Positioning Guide Rail
  • Automatic Wheel Sensing
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Finish
  • Compatible with “Pup” & “Lift Gate” Vehicles
  • Exterior Audible Motion Alarm
  • Exterior Sign Package
  • LED Interior & Exterior Communication Lights
  • Remote Pump & Motor with Wall Mount Bracket
  • Manual Release for Power Failure