Dock Levelers

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Hydraulic 2

Kelly Mechanical Dock LevelerMechanical

A pit-mounted dock leveler that requires manual activation using an extension spring counterbalance.
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Kelly Hydraulic Dock LevelerHydraulic

Designed and built to meet the demands of high-volume loading docks.
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Kelly Air Powered Dock LevelerAir Powered Dock Levelers

Added benefits include smooth operation and push-button control to avoid ergonomic concerns.
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Kelly Edge of dock levelerEdge of Dock Levelers

An affordable alternative to portable plates, can be installed quickly and is easy to operate.
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Kelly Vertical Storing Dock LeverVertical Storing Levelers

Directly contribute to environmental efficiency, security, and cleanliness.
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Kelly Energy GuardENERGY GUARD

ENERGY GUARD® provides a superior perimeter seal along the sides and rear of your dock leveler and blocks dirt, debris, insects and most importantly prevents energy loss..
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