High Speed Doors

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High Speed Door

Interior High Performance Doors

Interior high speed doors are the ideal solution for separating critical interior areas. These innovative doors can be specially suited for environments ranging from cold storage and clean rooms to general manufacturing or special machine protection applications. Rapid opening speeds and advanced safety systems combine with tight sealing and pressure resistance to help isolate or control environments.

Albany RR200The RR200

The RR200 offers aesthetic opportunities that go beyond the norm with a curtain that can be custom printed, allowing the door to virtually disappear into its surroundings. This innovative high speed door allows personnel to move safely and quickly between helping customers and accessing private areas, streamlining the movement of staff and goods.

Albany RR300The RR300

The RR300 isolates distinct areas while improving the overall flow of business. This high performance door opens automatically and quickly at 80” per second, avoiding damage from forklift operators, and dirt and grime from bins and pallets. When the door is closed, a tight seal is formed around the entire perimeter of the door, helping to keep out debris and maintain separate temperatures where necessary

Albany RR300 ChillThe RR300 Chill

The RR300 Chill cold storage doors are insulated doors designed for high traffic heavy duty cooler and freezer applications. These energy efficient doors enhance safety, improve productivity, reduce energy costs and decrease maintenance costs. Opening speeds of up to 130” per second makes the RR300 Chill one of the fastest high speed cold storage doors on the market.

Albany RR300 FreezeThe RR300 Freeze

From freezer to loading dock, the RR300 Freeze cold storage insulated freezer high speed doors save on energy and maintenance costs while maximizing workflow and ensuring a safer more productive environment. The RR300 Freeze is one of the fastest high speed doors on the market opening at speeds of up to 130” per second.

The RR300 Clean

The RR300 Clean high speed cleanroom doors help minimize cleanroom risk without compromising product quality or worker safety. You’ll gain greater control over particle concentration and air changes while maintaining stringent cleanroom requirements, including ISO Class 5 (US Federal Standard 209E Class 100) and GMP Class C. The RR300 Clean is ideal for food, pharmaceutical and electronics cleanroom applications

production of olives. packing machineThe RR300 Stainless

The RR300 Stainless high speed fabric doors are designed for high traffic sanitary applications, such as food and beverage processing, where environmental control and hygiene are critical. The RR300 Stainless high speed doors offer fast opening and closing speeds to control air infiltration while it’s sanitary design minimizes the spread of contaminants.

Albany RapidProtect 300The RapidProtect 300

The RapidProtect 300 machine protection doors are high speed safety doors designed for automated processes and production lines. Built with a minimal number of parts these rugged machine guarding doors are reliable, easy to install and low maintenance. The RapidProtect 300MP machine protection doors give protection to workers in machine danger zones.

Albany RR 2000The RP™ 2000

The RP™ 2000 offers a rigid, aluminum door curtain that provides the utmost protection from machine activity. This door was specifically developed for laser protection – the double-walled aluminum slats prevent penetration from laser beams. The RapidProtect™ series features smart design elements that improve automation, ensure safety and help meet high industry standards.




Exterior High Performance Doors

Exterior high performance doors are the ideal solution for lowering energy costs in high-traffic areas. These secure, high speed doors can handle a wide variety of conditions – our impactable doors can take and hit and repair automatically, our metal doors can provide ultimate security against attempted forced entries, our fabric exterior doors offer the ultimate speed and flexibilty.

Albany RR1000The RR1000

The RR1000 redefines tough and rugged with an unobtrusive, low headroom design, thin, sleek low-profile side frames and the proven strength to withstand 130 mph, hurricane-level wind and pressure. Plus, this classic high speed door is now equipped with the coveted self-repairing, break away feature.

Albany RR3000The RR3000

The RR3000 high speed doors are perfect for commercial and high security applications where speed is important, looks are critical, traffic is frequent, and door safety concerns are paramount. This industrial door’s bold sleek design adds visual appeal to any architectural environment.

Albany RR3000 VisionThe RR3000 Vision

The RR3000 Vision high speed doors are designed for commercial and industrial applications where full vision is important, speed is essential, looks are critical, traffic is frequent, and door safety concerns are vital. The RR3000 Vision has “full view” panels made of clear polycarbonate glass that provide natural light and creates a quality environment.

Albany RR3000 HurricaneThe RR3000 Hurricane

The RR3000 Hurricane is perfect for automotive dealership applications where wind resistance is critical, speed is important, traffic is frequent, and door safety concerns are paramount. The bold sleek design adds visual appeal to any architectural environment. These heavy duty metal doors are designed to resist winds of up to 188 mph meeting Florida HVHZ (High Velocity Hurricane Zone) requirements (#FL10420).

Albany UltraFastThe UltraFast

The self repairing UltraFast high speed fabric doors deliver opening speeds of up to 60” per second with an option of 100” per second. You’ll meet productivity goals without compromising safety or maintenance cost. When fork-truck traffic is high, maintenance is a concern and safety is important, UltraFast high speed fabric doors are the solution.