Service Programs

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Fire-Rated Doors
Visual Inspection, Test, and Certification

The FireCheck® Service is designed to assist facility owners and tenants in their legal obligation to maintain
safe and compliant fire, smoke, and egress openings. The Service evaluates the performance of rolling,
sliding, accordion, and swinging fire-rated doors during an emergency. FireCheck® is performed by certified
personnel and meets the annual inspection requirements found in NFPA 80 (fire), 101 (egress), and 105


  • Enrollment is FREE
  •  10% off our standard service rate
  •  Priority scheduling and discounted rates on all service calls
  •  Documentation of code deficiencies along with recommendations for repairs or product replacement
  •  AHJ and JCAHO compliant report format
  •  A certification tag/sticker is attached to each overhead fire door
  •  Copies of your facility’s FireCheck® reports are kept in our company records in case of an emergency or
    any compliance questions


Sectional, Rolling Steel Doors, and Operators
Visual Inspection, Test, Adjust, and Lubricate

Members of Planned Maintenance (PM) Service can save substantial time and money by reducing costly
break-downs and loss of time, while extending the operating life and efficiency of all sectional and rolling
steel doors and operators. Each PM Service can be customized to a facility’s needs and code requirements,
and are ideal for all types of structures including: healthcare, education, retail, business, institutional, and
industrial facilities.


  • Enrollment is FREE
  • 10% off our standard service rate while enrolled in the service
  • Priority scheduling for service and repairs
  • Decrease in costly downtime
  • Increased operational efficiency and reliability of your facility’s doors and related equipment
  • Reduced probability of your doors and related equipment malfunctioning
  • Extend the safe and useful life of your doors and operators
  • Decrease in long term repair expenses
  • Summary checklist of work performed, along with recommendations for any needed repairs or product