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We Specialize in Entry Door Systems

We’re specialists in entry doors and complete entry door systems. Some entry door projects are fairly straightforward, but some are not. Lean on our technical expertise for get leading products, installation and maintenance services.

Distributor Saves Costs with Dedicated Warehouse Entry


Limiting circumstances can call for creative solutions. That was the case with a distributor who needed a way for truck drivers enter their warehouse without going through the office area.

Our team modified an unused loading dock bay to serve as a dedicated warehouse entry door. First, they secured the dock door in the open position. Then, they installed a hollow metal entry door and frame. Fortunately, the team adapted the loading dock for an entry door without permanently altering the dock door or leveler.

Ultimately, the distributor lessened traffic in the office and unintentional interruptions. Also, they gained more control over the office temperature. Read the full case study.

DH Pace Integrates Doors and Security Systems at New Hospital


A health care organization developed a three-story hospital in a new market. Due to the sheer size of the project, the contractor wanted to work with a single-source provider for multiple door openings.

The team provided 150 hollow metal door frames, nearly 30 hollow metal doors, almost 250 aluminum door frames and more than 375 wood doors. In addition, they provided ICU sliding doors, bi-parting doors, bi-folding doors and a fire-rated aluminum door. This large-scale project called for over 2,600 pieces of related door hardware and 18 automatic door operators. Plus, the team recommended to provide the doors with the hardware pre-installed. As a result, this increased the efficiency of field installation

Also, they installed all the access control hardware from the customer’s national security vendor. Lastly, technicians performed all the systems integration testing on doors and closed circuit TV (CCTV) cameras through the hospital. For the all the project’s details, read the full case study.

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