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Protect Against Smash and Grab Robberies

Overhead Door Company of Atlanta is helping put the pieces back together for retail stores which have fallen victim to smash and grab robberies. Mark Ritchey, Senior Vice President of Sales for Commercial Aftermarket, was interviewed for a spot on about security barriers (scroll to see the video). Ritchey says generally there is an increasing frequency of commercial robberies leading up to the holiday season and that it’s something the company handles on a weekly basis.

In one particular store, the windows have been broken into twice in two weeks. When smash and grabs become more frequent, retailers are forced to become more diligent in protecting their investment. The store in the video opted for a strong window security film which helps prevent the glass from shattering and allowing entry inside, however there are other options businesses and shops can consider as well. To understand additional options, read Mark’s comments below.

Coiling grilles, shutters, rolling doors as well as sliding grilles are common methods of providing physical security in front of or behind the storefront glass.
Aesthetic designs and finishes are available to blend in and compliment the building facade. Physical barriers are used after hours and recent design improvements help to conceal these barriers when shops and stores are open.

We find that these barriers deter suspects casing retail stores to assess merchandise. In conjunction with security glass film, the use of audible alarms for monitored glass break sensors and door position switches are an extra deterrent to break-ins. Visible surveillance cameras are also a deterrent and assist in collecting evidence in finding and prosecuting the perpetrators.

We also offer customized solutions and consulting services. For example, we met with the security team of a multi-billion dollar national retailer in New York City to design powder-coated coiling doors and decorative pipe bollard solutions to secure their Atlanta metro stores from drive-through smash and grab robberies. To date, there have not been any occurrences at their stores since this solution was implemented.

Contact us for a free estimate. Our trained security professionals can provide an acceptable and aesthetically-pleasing security solution to protect your property and merchandise from break-ins and untimely shutdowns of business operations.

– Mark Ritchey, Senior Vice President of Sales for Commercial Aftermarket