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Food Manufacturer Regains Control Over Energy Use with Freezer Doors


A large food and beverage manufacturer overworked their high speed freezer doors to the point to which they were no longer operational. So, the cooler doors stayed in the upright position because the facility operated around the clock 24/7. Obviously, this represented a huge energy loss over time.

We provided and installed eight USDA-compliant/FDA-compliant insulated high speed doors. The 3-ply door panels are engineered specifically for high-cycle applications. This was ideal given the round the clock foot traffic. Ultimately, the high speed freezer doors kept the cooler area at the appropriate 38 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Beyond the freezer, the rest of the area registered between 68 and 79 degrees. Properly operating high speed doors made all the difference in energy-efficient operations. For the entire project scope, read the full case study.

Exterior Freezer Door Saves Manufacturer from Receiving Troubles


A food manufacturer needed a solution to receive perishable goods directly. Occasionally, frozen goods shipments arrived after hours. It was not ideal to take an employee from their duties to receive goods because the business was such a small operation.

The team recommended to create a new opening in the freezer case and install a custom freezer swing door accessible outside the building. The single panel swing door was constructed with a thermally neutral fiberglass reinforced (FRP) framework. Also, it featured a heated weather strip to keep the door from freezing closed since temperatures ranged from ambient temps to -10 degrees Fahrenheit. Read the full case study here.

Developer Secures Parking Garage with Doors


A development company wanted to secure a parking garage from potential vandalism. They were concerned that a parking garage without doors would be an easy target. So, they wanted to make it more secure.

There was very little headroom available to install a door because the structure was designed without doors originally. The team recommended a spring-less rubber roll-up door with low headroom. The roll-up door featured operating speeds up to 30 inches per second. This made it ideal for fast-moving traffic. Read the full case study.

Custom Fire-Rated Shutter in University Building


A university was constructing a new building on their campus. They needed a way to prevent smoke from traveling between the floors of the four story building. Therefore, the team provided a horizontal shutter to create vertical shaft separation between floors. In addition, the custom shutter includes a smoke management system that prevents smoke or fire from overtaking the building.

The horizontal shutter weighed over eight tons and measured 20 feet wide by 63 feet long. First, four levels of engineering specialists approved the installation plan. Then, the team rigged the shutter and positioned it. Lastly, it was hoisted into position. From start to finish, the installation lasted approximately ten days. The shutter and smoke management system passed the fire inspection without issue. See the full case study or watch this video for more details.

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